The mix of habitats within walking distance and the abundance of species makes Finca Esperanza Verde (FEV) a center for world-class birding. Good trails access most sites, but you should have a local guide to take you to those trails that are more remote. The guides are an invaluable resource who will share with you their enthusiasm for wildlife as well as colorful names and local stories about the species.

Birding groups recorded first official sightings at FEV of Yellow Headed Caracara in 2003 and Streaked Xenops in 2004. Also FEV has a country record for first time sighting of golden-browed chlorophonia. Come to FEV and help us make history crediting our nature reserve with more official sightings.

  “In a week’s visit, we identified over a hundred different species of birds…”

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Humberto Picado

My previous work was to survive by planting corn and beans. I also worked in coffee. After I came to FEV I worked in coffee with the difference being that here at FEV I learned how to cultivate coffee organically. After awhile some ornithologists came and I started learning about birds from them. I also worked with the bird banding station that they established at FEV.Because I only finished sixth grade, my chances to improve my life were limited. Without the training I have received at FEV I would probably still be a subsistence farmer like most people in Yucul, the village where I live.FEV has been like a school for me. I am happy to be able to support my family and have good health.









Omar Quintero 

I am from a small family of 3 siblings and our mother and father. Our parents separated when I was young and left me with my grandmother. I started working in the fields at the age of 7 and I also attended school. When I was 17 I started working at FEV building hiking trails, tending the butterflies, and working in coffee. Because of my job at Finca Esperanza Verde I have been able to continue my studies and to take care of my grand parents and my younger sister.At FEV I have studied plants, forest animals, birds, butterflies and insects. I have learned how to band birds. It is an experience unheard of in Nicaragua to hold a bird in ones hand and to treat it gently and finally to let it fly away.When I am guiding visitors I tell them all I know about each bird we see, whether they are local or migratory, what they eat and I know where to look for each bird. I also have learned how to identify birds by their call. I also teach children in my village the importance of protecting the birds and wild animals.After studying one day each weekend for many years I earned a high school degree.






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