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Our Coffee Farm 

Coffee cultivation is part of the culture of the northern territories of Nicaragua, we aim to show the process to visitors and to produce the best quality coffee and at the same time to protect and conserve the ecosystem. Visitors and guests can learn about responsible and sustainable coffee farming techniques from seed to cup by reserving the Coffee Tour activity at FEV. The depulping and washing of our coffee during the annual harvest is done at the farm in our wet mill then dried in the yard for a few days before trucking the bags to the Dry Mill in Matagalpa for the final drying and processing.  Price: $10/pp

Coffee Harvest Season 

From mid December through February there is a unique opportunity to participate in the harvest of our coffee. In fact, you can make a difference in a local picker’s life by helping them increase their yield for the day! Our guide will strap your very own basket around your waist,  direct you to the “plantillo” for the best pickings and pair you up with a local picker to learn how to skillfully select the ripest berries. The challenge is to pick only the very red berries (to ensure the highest quality taste) and to leave the stem from where the coffee blossoms sprout on the bush. Remove the stem…no crop the following year!  After you and your picking partner return from the field, your berries will be weighed, selected and depulped at the Beneficio Húmedo (Wet Mill) under the watchful eye of the Mandador.  A “day in a life” experience that will change the way you look at coffee forever!  Price $10/pp


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