The Green Hope Foundation is working towards completing current projects and putting in place the ideas and tools necessary for future plans. Here are some examples:

La Chispa School

La Chispa is located on FEV’s property as a privately run school which gives kids from very rural, local areas the opportunity to learn. Without La Chispa, students from the surrounding area would have to trek many miles to school or not attend at all.

La Chispa1

Being a one-room schoolhouse with one teacher, the students, ages from 4 to 15, are very self sufficient in their learning but are challenged by the limited resources. We hope to expand their learning environment and access to guidance from the teacher by building a preschool and providing a salary for a second teacher.

La Chispa2

A separate space and teacher for the younger children will give them the individualized guidance that they need and allow for the other teacher to spend more time with the older students.

We are excited about this project and what it will offer for the children. With your helpful donation, we hope to begin the planning and construction of the preschool as soon as possible.

















 Green Hope Foundation, Inc is a recognized non-profit organization and your gift may be tax deductible pursuant to IRS Code 501 (c)3.


Butterfly Sanctuary

butterflies_on_leaf In January 1999, a delegation from Durham,NC including entomologist John Wallace and two of his students from Millersville State University, visited FEV to train several farmers in butterfly pupa propagation and to build a 600 square foot netted butterfly pavilion. In only 3 months, the farm was able to successfully raise several varieties of butterflies. That same year, the finca acquired permission to export and to begin shipping pupa to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. Since that original program, the Butterfly farm and “Charla” has been a very popular activity with our visitors here at FEV.

Sadly, this year the structural framework has begun to show signs of deterioration. The garden needs to be renovated and we are also facing more competition from other tourism destinations who have copied the original FEV design and model and have managed to create larger and more professional facilities to serve the growing popularity among national and international students. 

With your generous donation we can get this project off the ground – without disrupting the existing habitat. Our goal is to relocate the facility just a few yards away from the existing site and double the size of the netted area, creating a botanical garden walk and space for a larger and more diverse butterfly population. This would also entail an expansion of the lab whereby the students can have a more interactive experience with the butterflies – an outdoor classroom, if you will. The netted area (sanctuary) and the learning facility (lab) would be connected, allowing for a more natural flow to take place from learning the facts to then experiencing these beauties in their natural habitat. The cost to build is estimated at around $10,000. We hope to begin construction this September to complete it in time for our busy 2016 tourism season (December – May).

Funding it is only one way you can help. We’d love your volunteer services, expert advice on best building materials, selection of botanical plants, gardening, even management of the facility. We feel that together we can create the BEST butterfly farm in Nicaragua!

Thanks as always for your contribution. The sustainability of FEV’s nature learning centers (Organic coffee and vegetable farm, Butterfly Sanctuary and Bird Banding, etc.) depends on caring folks like you.



Green Hope Foundation, Inc is a recognized non-profit organization and your gift may be tax deductible pursuant to IRS Code 501 (c)3.


Other Projects

Create small business opportunities for local women and their families to improve their quality of life and provide them the opportunity to learn business skills. For example, provide “loans” so a small store can be started or support someone who has a special skill to create goods and sell them elsewhere.

Create internship opportunities for college students interested in working at FEV and the local community in areas of environmental studies, eco-tourism, and organic farming, etc.

Provide funding to bring in experts in environmental studies, organic farming, and responsible social practices in order to pass along that expertise to members of the local communities.


Thank you! 

Green Hope Foundation, Inc is a recognized non-profit organization and your gift may be tax deductible pursuant to IRS Code 501 (c)3.

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