Join us on the next Visionary Retreat for Women in the cloud forest of Nicaragua,  
                                               April 22-29, 2017.
Are you ready to step away from the gnawing uncertainty of our world, the busyness of your life and retreat to a place where we gather to listen deeply to the prayers of the Earth here in the ancient cloud forest, to reflect on the aching call of our world and to dive into deep visionary inquiry about how we seek to answer this call today.

This 7 day retreat offers refuge during these uncertain times. We arrive in a place of breath taking beauty, ready to listen to the humming heartbeat of our planet, connect with our sisters, discover a renewed sense of purpose and possibility for our lives, and support each other in bringing our unique vision and voice to our world.

Please consider joining me on this visionary journey. The cloud forest beckons. Life calls.

































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