Responsible Tourism at FEV

Our Sustainability Practices:

  • Responsible and sustainable farming methods
  • Farm to table – Organically grown, seasonal and local foods served
  • Water and energy management through the use of a micro -hydro plant and photovoltaic solar panels
  • Invitation for guests to re-use towels and linens to save energy and water
  • Landscaping design and plant species selection to nurture biodiversity
  • Encouraging our guests to visit the nearby protected areas
  • Biodegradable cleaning and laundry products
  • Plastic, paper, glass and aluminum recycling
  • 100% of the staff comes from the local community

Environmentally Responsible (Sustainable) Tourism

Finca Esperanza Verde Ecolodge and Coffee Farm is fortunate to have received many international awards for sustainable tourism as well as recognition in magazines for the same including: Outside, Hispanic Magazine, Smithsonian, r:travel.  Newspaper articles published in The Guardian, La Prensa, El Nuevo Diario, Herald-Sun, News and Observer;  and National television media coverage.

Our strategy for providing you with a small carbon footprint vacation includes:

  • Electricity – 100% of FEV’s electricity is produced by photo-voltaic solar panels and micro-hydro power electric generation. FEV uses two large solar electric refrigerator/freezers.
  • Hot Water – Hot water in our three-stall hot shower cabin is a 100% carbon neutral thermo-siphon system. (The same amount of carbon that is released when wood is burned is the amount of carbon that the decomposition process produces, making wood burning a carbon neutral source of energy.) Wood is readily available at FEV from fallen trees and periodic trimming of the forest canopy to allow the optimum amount of sunlight to filter through to the coffee plants below.
  • Cooking – There is a well-designed wood cook stove and a propane gas stove/oven.
  • Composting – All organic matter from the kitchen and coffee depulping is composted in five worm composters.
  • Sewer treatment – FEV has several well maintained septic systems.
  • Green area maintenance – All yard work is accomplished with machete. No gas-powered devices.
  • FEV endorses Slow Food and Locavore ideals – FEV has a large organic vegetable garden. Additional groceries such as milk, eggs, fruit and homemade bread, are purchased from our neighbors. All soft drinks and beer sold at FEV come in returnable bottles. Our coffee is grown on the farm. Jams are homemade from fruit grown on the farm. In addition, all other food items are purchased locally from locally owned stores and vendors.
  • Cloth napkins – Paper napkins are not used at FEV. Reusable plates, flatware and cups are used for all picnic excursions.
  • Coffee – Finca Esperanza Verde coffee is responsibly and sustainably grown. During harvest, the coffee is de-pulped at the farm. Water run-off created during the de-pulping process is filtered through a series of wells before it drains into the nearby fields. The water tests clean with no residue as it leaves the last well. All pulp is used to feed the worms in our onsite Vermiculture farm.
  • Reforestation – Reforestation projects have been carried out from the time we started purchasing land in 1998. FEV’s most ardent mission is to conserve natural woodlands for migratory and native bird habitat through active protection and reforestation. We plant native species such as Nogal, Royal Cedar, Roble, Inga, Erythrina, and Madrigal to name a few.
  • Building Materials – Local materials were used to build FEV including: handmade brick, cane, sustainably harvested lumber. Cement and corrugated roofing were purchased in Matagalpa (30km away).

Socially Responsible Tourism

Finca Esperanza Verde strives to be catalyst for development in the county of San Ramón, Matagalpa, Nicaragua demonstrating the benefits of a healthy cross-cultural exchange between this small, traditional Northern-Nicaraguan community and travelers from all over the globe. Finca Esperanza Verde strives to affirm the validity and importance of creating global ties of peace and friendship, while maintaining local values and customs.

Finca Esperanza Verde supports local development through:

  • Creation of quality employment in the local community through:
    • Paying of higher salaries than comparable labor in the local job market
    • Insuring worker and their families though the Nicaraguan Institute of Social Security (INSS)
    • Looking for new ways to further develop the professional abilities of each worker
  • Contribute and support human development initiatives in San Ramon and surrounding communities through
    • Direct donations to FEV for educational programs such as La Chispa School at the finca
    • Facilitating donations brought by visitors to FEV to the local community such as “Colectiva El Plomo” (women’s jewelry collective).
  • Being a leader and model of eco-tourism in Nicaragua through:
    • Continuing to create positive news about Matagalpa, and helping to lift the overall image of sustainable tourism in Nicaragua
    • Being an example of the positive environmental and economic benefits in the rural areas of the country
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